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Child Medi


Registered Non-Profit Organisation | SARS Registered


First National Bank

Child Medi Organisation

Cheque Account

Account no: 62632581056

Branch Code: 250655

(SARS Registered)

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Our bank account details is on our group's page.
We are asking you to make donations into our account. Please don't give cash to anyone of the public or anyone of our members, or someone pretending to be a member. There are so much fraud out there and we are there to prevent that. Please note that after you have paid money into our account it is under the eyes of total management and we have to answer to SARS and the Dept of social development who audits us.
We are sending members into all areas to evaluate each case, which is chosen on merit. We appreciate your co-operation. We still need a lot of funding in order to help all the critically sick children and safe their lives. Any amount is welcome. Love and peace for you.

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Who We Are

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We are what our organisation’s name says

Child Medi Organisation was born due to what we and others have experienced at Government hospitals. Due to the high volumes of people visiting our Government hospitals and the long  queues.

We focus on critical medical aid to children by liasing with Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics. We deal with trained and volunteering individuals who devote their time and services for the health and well being of our children in real need. As secondary function we also supply food packs and clothing to children.

To extend our services countrywide with a strong assistance network. Be part of the solution to the current dilemma in which our children find themselves, and to improve their life expectancy and family life.