Please Keep Nadya in your PRAYERS tonight

Nadya was born with Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) she had a shunt implant three weeks after birth, unfortunately she contracted a brain infection and it was removed!

For more then two months she has fought a brain infection ~ she is now clear of the infection and already have her shunt implant! During this period of time she had so much build up that the circumference of her head increased from 47cm to 63cm.

I know that Shunt Warriors are fighters and post shunt they can live a quality life.

She was in and out of hospital but eventually was strong enough to come out on top.

God is holding you tight as he has for the last couple of months.

Child Medi was contacted to help and was helping with accommodation, Nappies, milk etc. Thanks to everyone that is still helping us with this unfortunate little angel.