Mother of a 12 year old kidney sufferer's desperate plead: Please help us before my daughter dies! I have cried so much..If God wants to punish me , he must not take my daughter away.

This is what Lisa Steenberg (30) of Welkom in the Free State said about her 12 year old daughter who desperately needs a Kidney transplant. She has almost got no Kidney function left and her mom must perform dialysis three times a day to keep her alive.

Lisa earns R500/week at a cash loan business and her husband who is a diesel mechanic brings home R8500/ month. A concerned mother said that they are in deep trouble and then spoke about the crisis situation.

Even if Larochelle gets the operation in the Government Hospital it is still going to cost them hundreds of thousands. We don't even think of a Private Hospital. Lisa is an approved donor and was tested and passed. She Also lost about 40 kg in the process.

She is prepared to give her life for her daughter. She says Larochelle is a cheeky but a lovable caring young girl. It is just such a pity that she has been so sick all her young life.

Lisa said that Larochelle was probably born with a chronic Kidney disease but was only diagnosed in 2015. The Dr only brought the shocking news on 27 November 2015 just after nine and said she has only 5% Kidney function left due to both Kidneys collapsed. Lisa said her child did not want to eat and slept permanently and very pale. Over the years the government doctors constantly said it was her Tonsils that made her so sick. Her Tonsils were removed early in 2015 but she was becoming more sick.

Lisa says it heartbroken to see her daughter a grade 7 pupil at primary school Dagbreek fading away, and they know they just don't have the funds to save her life.The rattled parents, their family and friends contacted Child Medi Organization during the week for help. We are working constantly with severe cases but this one is like a call from deep in the soul to save the life of a beautiful young girl. SO WHAT NOW?

Larochelle says many times that Lord Jesus must just come and take her. She is tired and so also her little body. It must take a lot for a child to say something like that!!

Child Medi already recieved funds in order to help this Child. We also busy organise a festival to raise funds to help saving her life..