Kosie started getting fits in November 2016. At first we thought nothing of it but 4 weeks ago he started screaming nonstop. We took him to a doctor in Brakpan and when she saw the video she immediately suspected brain damage.

We took him to JHB Gen last week where they told us the same thing. I had preclampsia whilst pregnant with him and they say that that may be the cause of the brain damage. It was a shortfall of oxygen.

They now have him on medication for the spasms. He is struggling with everything a 9 month old baby should be doing. The hospital told us that he will never be normal. No tests have been done as yet to see what the problem is. They recommended that he goes for a MRI scan but the first appointment they have available is at the end of September 2017.

We cannot stand by and see our little boy suffer until then. They also said that he should go for a EEG scan, get physiotherapy and also see an eye specialist as well as an ear specialist. He will also need speech therapy. We ask that everyone that can please contribute toward his scans and other tests. We cannot wait until September.

After placing his story on our page we received a message from a lady that works for a radiologist. She requested that we provide them with a referral letter as well as a letter from us so that she can speak to her doctor and try and convince him to do the EEG at no charge. We provided them with the necessary documents and they agreed to do the EEG. Kosie however needed medicine to calm him during the scan and they could only get the medicine by prescription.

Child Medi Organisation raised funds and paid for a doctor as well as the medicine. The costs for that was R555.00

Kosie now needs to go and see a neurologist and also needs physiotherapy. We are not sure what the costs for that would be and need further funds for him.