Seven year old boy’s hand amputated after he got hold of a bomb cracker.


“Mommy look my hand is gone”

With this hand full of blood and a finger that hangs on a piece of skin, Kosie ran to his mother after he found a bomb cracker in his eldest sister’s room and set it alight after which it explode in his hand.

Caroline his mother who lives in Polokwane, was busy cleaning the house and unaware that Kosie went into his sister’s room where he found the cracker. Her room is normally locked , but because of cleaning day it was open.

Caroline just heard a bang and the next moment Kosie came running to her: “Look Mommy my hand is gone.”

“I took My shirt , covered his hand and ran down the street shouting for help.”

A man stopped and took us to hospital with his emergency lights on and hooting all the way.

At the Hospital they gave me the terrible news that


Kosie’s left hand had to be amputated.

Apart from the hand he also had burn marks all over his body. He had so much pain and was crying all the time. At the hospital Kosie was did not want them to take the bandages off and was asking: “will Lord Jesus give me a new hand?


The explosion was so severe that she found pieces of flesh and blood on the ceiling, walls and curtains.

Caroline is a single parent and has no medical fund. Child Medi Organization heard about this and immediately had him transferred to a Private Hospital for expert treatment…. Child Medi walked all the way with him and his mother through all the phases of setbacks and recovery. The whole process of having to have an artificial hand made was covered and paid for by Child Medi. Thanks to everyone who contributed towards this project. As Kosie is growing his hand will have to be altered regularly. Child Medi will also take him through that with the help of people making it possible.

Thanks for everyone who contributed towards him.