Ella & Ethan

They use to live in a city and then moved to a farm in Benoni and ever since they moved to this farm everything started going wrong their children. They started getting all kinds of rashes and marks and all along they had no idea what it was. They then got thrown out of our place by the owners after they had an agreement of payment on rent.

They then manage to get help from people and were given place in a shelter.  After moving into the shelter they woke up and saw their daughter’s eye was badly swollen. They took her to Far East Hospital for a check up and the doctors said to Them that it was a skin disease that 9/10 kids normally get.

They admitted her to hospital for almost a week where she got treatment. The swelling went away and everything wise fine then the day after she was discharged she started swelling all over her body. They gave her the antibiotics that the hospital gave and it seemed to have worked but they realized that something else was wrong because she had a whole lot of spots all over her body and they didn’t know what it was.

It looked like an allergy and they were not sure if it could be harmful to other children because it looked like a skin infection and then their son got the same marks. Ella came out of hospital like that and it seems to be getting worst by the day. They scratch a lot and hardly get any sleep as it keeps them awake. They have asked questions but no one can say what exactly it is that causes the rashes and marks.

They have no more ideas and it breaks their hearts to see their children hurting like that. Little Ethan-James also has asthma breathing problems. They are struggling to assist their children because of finances. All this happened in the last 2 months and their hands are tied. They cannot take them to private doctors as they do not have the finances and do not want to take them back to the government hospital as the problem seems to have gotten worse there. They will surely appreciate help in any way.

They contacted Child Medi organization for help. Child Medi has not been able to raise any funds yet in order to assist this family with their children and need at least R3000.00 so that they can take the children to a paediatrician and for medication.