What started out as a beautiful day spent with family has ended in tragedy for the Kotze family from Randgate, Randfontein.

Whilst playing with his friends at a family gathering in Kempton Park on the 1st of January 2017 little Christo (CJ) suddenly collapsed. His dad tried to resuscitate him as he was no longer breathing nor could they get a heartbeat. His parents then rushed him through to the Arwyp Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. Doctors worked hard in trying to re establish a heart beat by shocking his heart with paddles and eventually a faint heartbeat was detected.

Unfortunately their medical aid did not cover ICU or emergencies and they simply did not have the funds to fork out.


They contacted Child Medi organization for help.

Child Medi Organisation raised funds and paid R 10 280.00 for his CT and MRI scans and also paid another R 37 600.00 towards the hospital.


After he was discharged they took him home and with the help of the community he received therapy and made great progress and recovered well.