AC is a little boy of 19 months old.

For 10 of the 19 months of his life he was hospitalised at the Bloemfontein Medi Clinic’s Paediatric I.C.U. He is cerebrally disabled and also has West Syndrome as well as P.C.I. He is also blind and deaf and breaths through a Tracy on permanent oxygen as he cannot keep his oesophagus open as the muscles in his face are not working.

He gets fed through a peg directly to his stomach.

He is seriously ill and constantly gets pneumonia and septicaemia. He is in and out of hospital.

Child Medi assisted to get him a CA-MI Askir 230/12V Suction Pump to help clean his mouth and nose of phlegm as he is unable to swallow or cough out mucus which we received as a donation.

We also raised funds to buy the milk he needs and further received a couple of tins of Pediasure milk as donation.

His parents have a hospital plan but it does not cover his medicine. His chronic medication costs between R6000.00 and R8000.00 per month.